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SwarMala Accompaniment is the software application that can serve as your personal accompanist for Indian music. SwarMala Accompaniment supports all instruments supported by SwarMala, and can play the files composed using SwarMala Composer as well as TaalMala. The software provide three independent channels, on which up to three compositions can be played simultaneously. The melody and percussion channels have the same tempo and are played synchronously, whereas the Tanpura (drones) channel has independent tempo adjustment. In addition to the main tempo and pitch controls, SwarMala Accompaniment provides a unique method to auto-increment the master tempo periodically, to cater for a typical requirements of accompaniment in Indian Classical Music practice.

Salient Features:

  • Simple design with easy navigation controls for all accompaniment needs
  • Intuitive and friendly Windows graphical user interface
  • Three independent channels for accompaniment using (possibly different) instruments simultaneously
  • Independent volume controls for each channel, and independent tempo controls for Tanpura and Melody/Percussion channels
  • Automatic synchronization of melody and percussion channels
  • Auto-increment/auto-decrement for master tempo, after a specified number of rhythm cycles (measures)
  • Visual display of current beat number (matra) and rhythm cycle (Aavartan/measure) number
  • Ability to save the accompaniment settings for easy retrieval later
  • Import TaalMala Taal (*.tal) files
  • An extensive library of accompaniment tracks (including hundreds of Tabla taals and Lehras), to get you started
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